“We believe in distinction
We stand for artistry
We strive for craftsmanship
We advocate passion
We make beautiful shoes”

London Underground makes beautiful shoes.  Each of our shoes is made with the finest materials and textures, by old style shoemaking techniques and the result is the best of the best. We offer designs and styles which are unique and exclusive to our customers worldwide.  Generations of shoe-making means it is a part of our sole,PrivateLabel our DNA, the way we do things and the way we see things.  Our senses our heightened each time we work on new designs and styles with our customers. We feel things as we make them, change them, refine them and nurture them to become the beautiful shoes our customers, and their customers, so adore.  The heritage of traditional Italian shoe-making runs through our blood lines generation to generation, igniting the very passion of shoe making each and every day, in every way. We see things and feel things others may not, allowing us to create the most beautiful shoe for you. Our manufacturing partners collaborate and work with the world’s finest brands.  It is through these affiliations that we able to offer the very best of service and quality – a hallmark of unsurpassed fashion and style.